We’re excited to announce the launch of Partial Refunds! Below is a description of the changes.

Sending a Partial Refund

  1. On the conversations page after a payment has been made, you will see a link to Issue Refund.

  2. Clicking Issue Refund will surface a new partial refunds modal.

  1. At the top of the modal, select a reason for the refund from a pre-selected set of options: Partial Refund, Duplicate, Requested by Customer, Fraudulent or Other

  2. Underneath this section you will see the previous total (including Subtotal and Client Service fee, if applicable), as well as the time and date of the transaction.

  3. You can input an Amount to Refund.

  4. Once you have completed that section, you will see the remaining balance after the refund.

  5. You will have the option to put your initials in -- these initials will be tied to the transaction and will appear in a system message after the partial refund has been completed.

    1. The entire system message in the conversation will say: Jane Doe issued a refund to Cathy Catty of $25.53 from the prior balance of $52.23. (Initials: JD)

  6. If you select Issue Refund then the refund will be sent to the client.

  7. You will see the status update in the payment modal to Partially Refunded.

  8. If you select Issue Another Partial Refund on the new payment modal in the conversation, you will have the ability to issue an additional refund if needed.

Partial Refunds in Reporting

  1. On the Settings > Payments page, partial refunds will have the Refund status

  2. To view the remaining balance of a refund, scroll to the right to the Net Proceeds column: the remaining balance will be listed there and will be updated after every subsequent refund issued for a transaction.

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