We’ve added the ability for admin clinic users to save and verify a phone number that calls within Flow can be placed from. Note - This page and these capabilities are only available to admin users in Flow.

  1. On the General > Settings page in Flow the clinic phone number section has been updated with an edit icon

    1. Note: if you previously entered a number in this section without verifying it, you will need to click the edit icon to verify your phone number before it appears in this section.

  2. If you click the Edit icon next to the phone number you will see a new modal that allows you to verify your clinic phone number for use for phone calls in Flow:

  1. Once you add a valid phone number, you can Add a Step or click Ready for Call at the bottom of the modal.

  2. If your clinic has a Phone Tree click Add a Step and you’ll be able to add the existing options that you have with the specific phone line at your clinic.

    1. I.e. If clients who call your clinic need to press “3” to get to your front desk, then adding Press 3 as a step will ensure that when the phone verification call comes through it will get to your specific phone line.

  3. Once you click Ready for Call you will see a verification code and will receive a phone call at the number you provided

  1. Once you add the 6 digit verification code via the call you will see a success message:

  1. From here, your new phone number will be saved and outgoing calls placed from Flow will appear from the number you saved.

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