Mark all as read

We have added a Mark all as read control to Flow! Click the ... icon then select Mark all as read to immediately mark all conversations as read and clear your unread messages count.

Note that clicking Mark all as read will clear all messages in Flow regardless of status or assignee.

This means that if you are currently filtering messages by status type, or if you only have notifications enabled for conversations assigned to you in Settings, clicking Mark all as read will clear every message.

View Unread Messages

We added another update to the top search bar - the ability to filter by unread messages. If you click the eye icon dropdown you will see a new option alongside All conversations and Assigned to me: Unread conversations. If you click this option you will only see unread conversations in your filter view.

You will also no longer see red badge counts on conversation cards if you are not set up to receive notifications for that particular conversation.

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