Notifications Updates

We’re excited to launch a number of updates to Flow that will make notifications easier to configure and access. We’ve made updates that will allow you to configure which desktop notifications you want to be alerted to, as well as the ability to turn on sound and browser notifications.

Desktop Notifications

  1. There is an additional section that will allow you to configure when you receive desktop notifications.

  2. You'll have options to receive notifications for all conversations or narrow it down to conversations that you're assigned to and/or are not assigned to anyone.

  3. All conversations will be checked by default.

  4. If you disable browser and sound notifications, you will still have the option to configure the badge notifications that you want to receive.

  5. Note that what is selected in this section will apply to browser notifications, sound notifications, and in-app (red badge count) notifications.

Browser and Sound Notifications Toggle

There is now a toggle on the Settings > My Notifications page called Browser and sound notifications.

  1. This toggle will be OFF by default.

  2. When turned ON, new unread messages will trigger a sound and browser notification.

  3. This sound and browser notification will appear whether you’re on the conversations screen, another screen in Flow, or not in Flow.

  4. Note: you will need to have Flow open in a browser tab in order to receive sound and browser notifications

  5. These changes are optimized for use on Chrome and will not work for Mobile Safari on iOS or Internet Explorer.

  6. Note: if you’re already on the active chat and a message comes in you will not get the sound notification -- if you’re on another page or another chat you will get the sound notification.

Browser Notifications

  1. When you first enable Browser and Sound Notifications in Flow, you will also see a pop-up asking to Allow notifications.

  2. Once you click Allow, you will start receiving browser notifications.

  3. Note that if you click Block then you will need to go into your browser settings to re-enable browser notifications.

  4. For more information on how to enable browser notifications per browser (in the event that you click Block), click here.

Note - these changes will only impact in-app notifications (in Flow) and not email or text notifications.

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