1. Clinic users can now edit the forms displayed in Connect that are linked to each request option.

  2. Any request type that is enabled for clinics on the Settings > Connect page will be visible on the Forms page with the Connect label.

  3. Clinics will have the ability to edit each form/request type as needed within the forms screen.

  4. If a clinic user makes a change on the form, the change will be automatically reflected on their website (they’ll need to refresh their website page first to see the changes).

  5. The clinic doesn’t have the ability to delete Connect forms on the forms page. They can delete the request type in Connect Settings page, which will automatically delete its associated form.

  6. If a clinic user adds another request type on the Settings>Connect page, that request type’s connect form will be created with its defaulted questions. From there, the clinic user will have the ability to edit the associated form on the Forms page.

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