This article has a list of frequently asked questions from pet owners, and if you cannot find what you are looking, a step-by-step guide on how to contact support.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, here is a guide on how to contact support on the website:

  • Login or make an account (More information on that here)

  • Go to 'Account' > Find 'Support' > Click on 'Contact Support'

Will I be charged for creating a new consultation?

When you create a consultation, we preauthorize the amount shown as the 'Consultation Fee' on your debit or credit card. You will see a pending transaction on your statement. Payment is only collected once one of the veterinary staff members complete your consultation at which point the pending charge will show up as a debit on your statement. The veterinary clinic may decide to collect all or only part of the consultation fee preauthorized at the closing of the consultation.

What devices are supported by the TeleVet app?

Pet Owners may download our mobile app for iOS or Android devices.

Does TeleVet cost money?

Downloading our app is completely free but your veterinary clinic may charge a consultation fee to get in touch with them. If your vet does charge a fee, the total cost will be displayed on the consultation page.

What kind of pets does TeleVet allow?

We allow you to add any type of pet you may own to the TeleVet app.

When Should I use TeleVet?

If your pet is experiencing an emergency, please contact your clinic directly or drive to the nearest emergency hospital. Outside of emergencies, many pet issues can be resolved by a virtual visit with your vet. Use TeleVet for these medical concerns: rashes, cough, behavioral concerns, minor cuts/bumps, lethargy, eye issues, bowel problems, and much more!

Can I contact my veterinarian for a consultation at any time of day or night?

Your veterinary clinic may not be available for a TeleVet consultation 24/7. If they only have specific hours of operation, they will be displayed on the consultation page. You still may submit a consult outside of the clinic responsive hours, but you may not receive a response until the next business day.

What if my veterinary clinic is not on the TeleVet app?

TeleVet is best utilized when working with your veterinary clinic and vets. If they are not already using TeleVet, you may refer your veterinary clinic to us and we will reach out to them to see if TeleVet may be a service they’d like to offer. If you’d still like to use TeleVet without your veterinary clinic, you may register your pet to TeleVet and speak with one of our veterinarians. Please note, our veterinarians cannot legally diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication due to current regulations. We can provide you general advice about your pet’s health concerns.

I’ve submitted a consultation, but my veterinarian has not responded.

If you have submitted a consultation that has not been assigned to a veterinarian yet, you will be given an opportunity to cancel the consultation and receive a full refund after your veterinary clinic’s response time has elapsed. This response time will be included after you submit he consultation.

How do I know if my veterinarian has started working on my consultation or messaged me?

The TeleVet app will send push notifications to your phone when your veterinarian starts working on your consultation, sends you a message, schedules a video chat, or resolves your consultation. If you are not receiving notifications, check the TeleVet app settings on your phone to ensure you have allowed notifications to be sent. If you have denied the permission, we cannot send you notifications and you will miss updates on your consultation.

My veterinarian told me they could not work on my pet’s issue via the TeleVet app and that I need to come into the clinic.

Much like human medicine, veterinary medicine has several laws they must abide by when doing a remote consultation. The most important, is ensuring there is a veterinary client patient relationship (VCPR) established prior to conducting a TeleVet visit. Long story short, if you haven’t seen your vet in person in the last 12 months it’s likely they will require you to come into the clinic (and that your pet is due for some vaccinations!).

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