Invite Clients from ezyVet

When creating a consultation for a client from within the TeleVet platform you can now look up clients in ezyVet by their name. In the email invite for the consultation, a custom link will be provided that pulls in all of the client and patient information so that setting up their account is a breeze. Most of their account will be set up for them so that the only thing the client needs to provide is a password and their payment information.


Email Invite

Sync TeleVet appointments with ezyVet

After scheduling a virtual consultation appointment in TeleVet, you will be able to copy that appointment over to ezyVet to track the appointment in both systems.

In the Timeline card, you will see an option to Send to ezyVet.

Note: this button will only appear if the consultation is scheduled to take place at a specific time.

Clicking on the Send to ezyVet button presents a modal that will look up the client, patient, and case owner of the consultation. You'll also see an option to select the Appointment User/Resource.

  • If a profile is not found during the lookup process, you'll be able to search for a profile or change the selected profile right from within the modal.

  • If the profile lookup is successful, you will see an indicator showing that the profile account is verified.

When all the consultation participants are set and verified, you can click the SUBMIT button to send the virtual appointment to your ezyVet calendar.

The summary and details of the consultation will be included in the appointment's Presenting Problems section within ezyVet, along with a link to open up the virtual consultation in TeleVet.

Send TeleVet consultation details to ezyVet

When you're ready to send the TeleVet consultation details to ezyVet you'll have a couple of options.

1) Using the Export button

Clicking the Export button in the top right will show you a list of options for exporting the consultation record. In the list of options, you'll see a button that says Send to ezyVet.

Clicking Send to ezyVet will open up the modal again to show the consultation participants and details. When all the participants are verified and the consultation details are confirmed, you can click the Submit button to send the full consultation details to ezyVet.

2) Closing the consultation with the Send to ezyVet option

If you have already sent the TeleVet appointment details to ezyVet from the timeline component, you will see an option to Send to ezyVet within the Close consultation popover. Checking this box/option, will send the TeleVet consultation details back to ezyVet and link the details to the previously created appointment.

Viewing the TeleVet data in ezyVet


Appointments sent from TeleVet to ezyVet will show up on in your calendar within ezyVet.

You can configure the default length of time for an appointment as part of the integration setup.

TeleVet Consultation Summary Notes

Double-clicking on the appointment will open up the patient's account tab where you will also be able to see any TeleVet consultation details in the Physical Exam section of the patient's Medical tab. At the bottom of the Physical Exam note, you'll see a link to TeleVet that will allow you to navigate to the TeleVet system to view the consultation details in full.

TeleVet Consultation PDF Attachment

If you have the option enabled to save the PDF to the patient's account, you'll be able to view the full TeleVet consultation details in PDF format on the Attachment tab.

The PDF will have all the TeleVet consultation details within it in a structured, easy-to-read format which also includes all pictures and videos associated with the consultation and chat messages.

If you have any questions about the integrations or are interested in setting up the integration for your practice feel free to reach out to our team in the support chat.

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