We recently introduced TeleVet, a new telemedicine service that will provide us to maintain high quality of care virtually for you and your pets. TeleVet is easy to use and can save you time by enabling you to connect directly with your veterinarian through your computer or mobile device.

It is simple to set up an account for yourself and your pets, all you will need to do is download the mobile app or go to pets.televet.com and follow the prompts to create an account and start a new appointment request.

Pet Owner FAQ’s

Do I need to download an app to use TeleVet?

TeleVet offers two platforms for our pet owners for your convenience. They offer a desktop app for those who prefer using a computer, or a mobile app for those on a phone or tablet. You can find the app through the Apple app store or the google play store for android users.

Do I have to pay for an appointment up front?

When booking an appointment with us through TeleVet, you will be asked to enter your payment information. Once you agree to book a consultation, there will be a hold put on that amount in your bank account. Once the consult is resolved, you will then be charged

How secure is my data through TeleVet?

TeleVet prioritizes the security of their customer's data. Data is not shared with other corporations in the veterinary industry, and the only data that leaves TeleVet’s system is that which we choose to add to our internal system.

Is TeleVet available 24/7 anytime I have an emergency?

The hours our clinic is currently active and seeing appointments on TeleVet is [8am - 5pm]. If something comes up after hours, you can submit a consultation to be seen the next day if it is not urgent. In case of an emergency we recommend [Action items for emergency recommendations]..

How long will it take for a response once I have created a consultation?

We typically respond within [4] hours, but sometimes we may have a slightly longer response time, depending on the number of consultation requests we are receiving. You will receive a notification from TeleVet once one of our Veterinarians has started working on your request.

When should I use TeleVet? * [This may change based on clinic]

At this time, we recommend using TeleVet for non-emergency questions and concerns such as rashes, cough, behavioral concerns, minor cuts/bumps, lethargy, eye issues, and bowel problems.

What if my consultation can’t be resolved using TeleVet?* [This may change based on clinic]

In the event that we are unable to resolve the consultation on TeleVet, we will advise you of any next steps, such as doing an in-person consultation, directly in the TeleVet app.

FAQ link in TeleVet pet app: https://pets.televet.com/faq

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