Adding a message about TeleVet to your email auto responder

Many of the clinics we work with have found that adding messaging about TeleVet to as many avenues as possible has proven to be helpful in getting the word out to their client base. One particular way is adding a message to your automatic email responses. Here are a few suggestions you can use:

  • We are now offering TeleMedicine appointments with our Veterinarians through TeleVet. You can download TeleVet directly to your Mobile device or use TeleVet on your computer for your appointment. With TeleVet, you are able to conveniently send any videos, photos, and have a video or voice call directly with your Veterinarian instead of having to come into the office.

  • Due to an increase in emails to our clinic, please expect a response in x - x hours. For most inquiries and questions, we recommend scheduling an appointment through TeleVet, where the average response time is x business hours. You can download TeleVet onto a mobile device by clicking here for iOS and here for android. You can also use your computer by navigating to

  • Due to a recent rise in volume of calls and emails, our clinic is now offering telemedicine. We’ll be using TeleVet in place of direct emails or phone calls to ensure every pet gets the attention and care they need. You can conveniently download the app for iOS by clicking here or the app for android by clicking here, or if you prefer to use a computer, simply go to and creating an account.

  • We recently rolled out a new service for our clients called TeleVet. TeleVet is a telemedicine platform we are using to see our patients while we are unable to see them in the clinic. TeleVet is easy to use and can save you time by enabling you to connect directly with your veterinarian through your computer or mobile device! It is simple to set up an account for yourself and your pets, all you will need to do is download the mobile app or go to and follow the prompts to create an account and start a new appointment request.

Depending on your email provider, adding this messaging is typically pretty easy. Here is some information on adding an auto response to some popular providers:



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