When logged in to your TeleVet account click ​'New Consultation.'

Here is more information on how to create a TeleVet for Pet Owners account


To create a consultation for your pet you will need to connect your payment information.

Note: When you create a new consultation you will have a pending charge on your account, and you will only be charged if the consultation is resolved.

- Write details of the consultation for your pet in the ​'Summary of Issue,' and ​'Describe your pet's Situation'​ boxes. Be detailed!

- Next, add 3-5 pictures and videos to help show the issue.

- To finish creating the consultation, confirm your Consultation Preferences and click 'Create Consultation.'


Once the Consultation is created, you will have the option to chat with your veterinary care team on the main screen. If you have additional information to share, type a message in the chat.

If you cannot chat or join the call, make sure you have added payment.

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