This article will describe all of the ways that a clinic can adjust the fee for consultations or follow-ups.

How to adjust pricing for new consultations

When a new consultation or follow-up is created by the clinic, there are a few options to adjust the amount. Once in the new consultation window, scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the pricing features. The follow-up fee will automatically be the default selected.

  • Option 1: To adjust to the default consultation fee, simply select 'Consultation' from the 'Clinic defaults' section.

  • Option 2 (Red): If you'd like to adjust to an amount that differs from the default fees, manually type in the amount or use the up/down arrows within the box.

  • Option 3 (Purple): Click the circle next to 'Don't charge client' to adjust the amount to a zero charge.

How to adjust pricing for scheduled consultations

** Please note once a consultation has been scheduled either by the clinic or client, the price may only be decreased. To see options on how to increase the pricing, see section at the bottom of this page. **

To adjust the pricing for already scheduled consults, please follow the below steps and review the video for a demo of the steps listed.

  1. Go to the 'Consultations' tab

  2. Under 'Active Consultations', select the desired consultation

  3. On the client's page, click the 'Close' button located on the top right corner (prior to closing, please make sure that a diagnosis as well any important notes are filled out)

  4. Once this is selected, a small pop-up window will appear where a slider can be adjusted to change the fee

  5. Click and hold to slide for the desired fee

  6. After the fee has been adjusted, click the blue 'Confirm' button

How to increase pricing for scheduled consultations

As noted above, once a consultation has been created, the fee can only be decreased. Therefore, to make a price increase adjustment, we have listed two options below.

  • Option 1: Create a new consultation with the correct amount and then cancel the consultation with the incorrect fee. You will want to make sure that any notes previously written are transferred over to the new consultation.

  • Option 2: Create a new consultation that makes up the difference for the adjusted price increase.

Please also make sure to communicate the option selected to your client so that there is an understanding of what to expect and in the case that a new consultation needs to be accepted.

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