This article will help clinics navigate the Records tab in both the TeleVet desktop and TeleVet For Vet Mobile App including how to pull a report.

TeleVet Website:


Located on the left side of the screen, the 'Records' tab, will allow you to view all past consultations that have been resolved or canceled. When clicking on this tab, you will automatically get directed to the Records section (underlined below).

Key Features on Records tab:

  • You may click on any consultation to get a more detailed view of the appointment.

  • The 'Get Receipt' feature, provides the ability to email a receipt to the selected team member(s) you would like.

  • (Important) Please note that the only way to send a receipt to your client is to forward the email through the 'Get Receipt' feature.**

**For more information on how your client can receive their receipt, please look at this article**


To access features such as creating reports to pull revenue metrics on your clinic's earnings, click on 'Reports' section (located next to Records). The slider at the bottom will be useful to view more information including: Clinic Earnings and Settlement Fees.

How to create a report:

To generate a report of resolved consultations, you will start with selecting the date range needed. Once the date is selected and set using the calendar feature that pops up, the report can be downloaded by clicking the 'Download (CSV)' button located on the top right hand side. Please see video below for this process.

Note: When creating a report for the current date, consults may take more time to populate as it is tied to the payment processing. Resolved consults may take up to 24 hours to appear for the current date.

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