Clients sometimes forget to add their phone number which can be an inconvenience for your team. To help out, we implemented new controls to add or edit a client's phone number for them so that you can get in touch with them more easily.

Client Details Control

Add in a client's number for them right from the Client Details popover. You'll be able to immediately call the client after adding in their phone number.

Automatic Retrieval of Client Phone Numbers from Chat

Have you ever asked the client to add their phone number to their profile so you can call them? Or perhaps you asked for a client's phone number so you can call them?

If so, we have something we think you'll like!

Now whenever the client provides a phone number in a chat message, you'll see a prompt to save that phone number to their account and then call them right from the chat.

Helper Information Label

If your client does not have a phone number saved but you scheduled a phone call with them or you try to call them, we'll be sure to let you know that TeleVet doesn't have a number associated with their account.

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