Exporting To Neo

Navigate the TeleVet consultation you would like to export to Neo and click on the Export button in the top right of the page.

From the pop up menu at the bottom of the screen, select the Send to Neo button.

This will open up the export component which will immediately begin a look up function to find a match for the client and patient from your practice's connected Neo account.

One a match is found, a Verified label will appear letting you know that we found a match for the client, patient, and care provider. 

Note: if our system is unable to find a match, you will be able to search in TeleVet for the client, patient, or provider to manually match the profile.

With the profiles verified, you can now make any final adjustments to the consultation in the fields below before sending the record to your Neo account. Once you are ready to send the consultation to your Neo account, simply click the Submit button.

Once the write-back is complete, you will see a confirmation message at the top letting you know that the record was successfully sent to your Neo account.

Viewing the TeleVet Consultation Record in Neo

In Neo, you will see the TeleVet consultation record under the patient's Consults tab as a PDF. 

Clicking on the consult number of the record will open up the consult to the consult view page. On this page, you can click on the TeleVet icon at the top to open the consultation up in TeleVet.

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