Working through a test consultation or two is the best way to get a feel for the TeleVet platform. We've set everything up in our apps so that your team can participate in test consultations without having to worry about payment. Below is our guide to becoming familiar with TeleVet through test consultations.

Step 1 — Configure your clinic's pricing

On the Clinic page in the vet app, enter and save desired earnings for incoming and outgoing (follow-up) consultations. Once pricing is set, your clinic will appear in search results from the pet owner app and can receive consultations from clients (including yourself!).

Step 2 — Download the app for pet owners

After setting up your vet account and configuring pricing, download the pet owner app (TeleVet - Remote Pet Care) on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Below are links to the app for each platform.

While it may be tempting to select the app that says TeleVet - For Vets, don't do that quite yet.

Step 3 — Log in with your vet app credentials

You've now downloaded the TeleVet pet owner app that your clients will be using to communicate with your team. Great! Log in (but don't register) to the owner app using the same email address and password that you used for the vet app. If you don't log in with the same email address, payment will be required to submit a consultation.

Step 4 — Add a pet

You are now logged into the pet owner app. Create a pet and assign it to your clinic to submit your first test consult. Ignore any requests to save a payment method.

Step 5 — Create a test consultation

With your pet profile created you can now submit consultations to your practice by pressing New Consultation on the Pets tab. After filling out the summary and details, press the Add button next to the label Payment Method and we'll automatically add our test card ending in 1111. Tap Create Consultation and voila! You've just created your first TeleVet consultation — you can find it in your consultation queue in the vet app.

Step 6 — Test away!

Have a colleague work with you or assign the consultation to yourself in the vet app. You can schedule a video chat, phone call, instant message, and resolve the case to better understand how it works and what your clients will see.

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