In this article we have included both the Vet (online) and Client (mobile) views so that you are aware of the experience from both the clinic and pet owner side of TeleVet. 

Viewing New Consultations


When a client submits a consultation to your practice via the client mobile app, notifications will be sent to your team in 3 ways. 

  1. Email Notifications  

  2. Push Notifications

  3. In-App Notifications

By clicking on the link in the email or the push notification, you'll be directed right to the consultation.

Opening Consultations from the App

You can also navigate to new consultations from within the app. New consultations will show up in the New Consultations section on the Dashboard page...

and in the New Consultations table in the Consultations page

Assigning Consultations

When you click on the chosen consultation, you will see a client and patient profile as well as the consultation summary, details, images, videos, and call preferences on the left side of the page. From this page you also can choose who to assign the consultation to, yourself or someone else on the staff.

Once the consultation has been assigned, all clinic users will be able see who it is assigned to and the date opened. Your client will instantly see that it was opened and assigned as well.

Instant Messaging

With the consultation assigned to a staff member, either person can begin a chat to discuss more details about the patient's health issue. Read receipts will be include in the last message sent so you'll know who has seen your message. In both the client and veterinary mobile apps, you have the ability to send picture and video attachments in the chat.

Note: In the veterinary web app, only pictures can be uploaded to chat.

Multiple staff members can also participate in the conversation even if they are not assigned to the consultation.

Making Calls

If you would like to get into a more detailed discussion, you can click the CALL tab above the chat box, then click SCHEDULE CALL.

From there you can follow the prompts by choosing either a phone or video call, and picking a date and time for the call. Once both people click on the Join Call/Video Chat buttons, you will be placed in the video chat room where you'll be connected as soon as the client joins.

Phone calls are completed through the veterinary app. They are essentially video calls without video. For the client, the call will appear as a regular phone call and will not require opening the app to answer the call. 

When you call the client the number you have set on the Caller ID field on your Clinic page will show up as the phone number calling the client.

Closing the Consultation

When you feel that you've completed the consultation, click on the Close button from the top right control panel.

You have two status options to select from when closing out a consultation. 

  1. Resolved - Resolving the consultation allows you to collect all or some of the consultation fee. You can use the slider to adjust the fee down if you'd like to do a partial collection of the original fee. The final fee will reflect both in the veterinary app and in the client app. You must enter in details in the Diagnosis field to resolve the consultation. Consultation fee funds will be transferred to your practice's connected bank account within 1 to 3 business days after the consultation is resolved.

  2. Cancelled - Cancelling a consultation will void the original consultation fee and release the funds back into your clients account.

Note: The client will not be able to send any new chat messages or join the video chat room once the consultation is closed.

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