You can add promo codes via the Clinic page in the TeleVet web app by click on the plus sign in the Promo Codes section.

Simply create your own promo code name, set the discount percentage offered, expiration date, and number of times the promo code can be redeem by each user that adds the promo code. Then, click the blue check circle button to add the promo code. Lastly, share the promo code with which ever clients you'd like to offer the promotion for. 

Your clients can then enter in the promo code by navigating to the Account tab, clicking the Promo Codes button in the bottom left.

On the Promo Codes page your client can enter in the promo code in the input field, and lastly, pressing the + button to add the promo code to their account.

Promo codes are saved to the client's account when added and will be automatically applied whenever they are prompted to pay a consultation fee.

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